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Juice Grinder Portable Crack [Mac/Win] [2022]

Juice Grinder Portable is a reliable program that allows you to create and modify recipes for e-juice, using specialized calculators. You can insert new ingredients in the recipe, such as flavors and calculate the exact quantity you need to add to the actual mix. Moreover, it can help you save the recipe to a local file.
Simple to use e-juice creator
Juice Grinder Portable is a user-friendly tool, thanks to the preset recipe templates, which you can customize by adding or removing ingredients and setting quantities. Each recipe contains the base ingredients, such as nicotine, propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin and the suspension.
The latter can be water, processed alcohol or pure grain alcohol, based on your preferences. While the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin can be combined or added separately, the suspension ingredients can be added alternatively. You may specify the percentage of alcohol in the entire mix or leave the value to 0 if you add water.
Measuring ingredients
The ingredients you can add to the e-juice mix are calculated in percentages, but you may also view the estimate count of drops per milliliter for each flavor. The table of results displays the total amount of substance you wish to create, as well as the total volume for each ingredient. Additionally, it displays the weight in grams for each element, the number of drops and percentage.
You can save this table to a local file, as well as the entire recipe. The application allows you to print the recipe, save it as a project file or export it as PDF, .CSV, Excel file, .ODS or .HTML.
Additional calculating tools
Juice Grinder Portable offers a series of specialized calculators which can help you estimate the amount of each flavor you wish to add, the nicotine base substances, Ohm’s law or ingredients adjustment. You may also add your own notes to each recipe, they are being saved/exported with the entire document.







Juice Grinder Portable Crack+

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Juice Grinder Portable With Key Free For Windows

What is new in this release:
Version 4.4.0 – New feature: Hot flushes.
Where to get support:


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Juice Grinder Portable [Updated-2022]

E-liquid Mixing Calculator

E-juice Making Calculator

E-liquid Making Calulator

E-juice Heating Calculator

E-juice PG/VG Ratio Calculator

E-juice Nicotine:Ohm’s Law Calculator

Per e-juice Maker

Free 1 month version.

Price: 35.00 USD

Size: 242 MB

Language: English

Release Date: 2017-02-16

Developer: OsteoTech

Download Juice Grinder Portable

There are many e-juice creators on the market, but Juice Grinder Portable is often considered one of the most popular. The program is capable of creating several recipes, as well as calculating the amount you have and the ingredients needed to create them. Additionally, you can save the content of the program in a local or online project file, print it or export it to PDF,.CSV, Excel and more.

With the help of this application you may create several e-juice recipes which contain the base liquids, flavorings, and the suspension ingredients. Adjusting the ingredients will allow you to modify the e-juice mix. You can combine the liquids or add one or more flavorings that will be applied to the mix. Along with that, you may set the nicotine level or the alcohol percentage based on your needs, while the fixings’ weight will be indicated as milligrams, drops or grams. Also, you may manually change the number of milligrams per milliliter or drops per milliliter. The calculations are displayed in the interface, so you can check the values you have.

The e-juice recipe calculator includes the following elements:


Add e-juice recipe components such as flavorings, e-liquid mixer, nicotine base, liquid and suspension and then calculate the amount of each ingredient you need for e-juice mixing.

Import profiles:

Create profiles to reuse the same content such as multiple profiles of the same recipe you have in the database for different versions.

Download Juice Grinder Portable


You may export your recipes in a.csv format and from it you may edit or fill the content as needed. It can also generate a project file, include all the recipes for your e-juice mixer. Moreover, you may print your recipes or export them to PDF,.

What’s New in the Juice Grinder Portable?

Create and save your own e-juice recipes and apply them to any of your e-juice nicotine base substances

Specialize e-juice recipes to specific carafes and battery types

Measuring ingredients by volume, drops per milliliter and weight in grams

Saving customized tables of results to local file

Add notes to each recipe

Print the results in PDF or other formats

Export as.CSV,.ODS,.HTML, Excel, or.JPG files

Offline operation

You can make your e-juice creations in Juice Grinder Portable and then use them in your on-the-go battery with access to your current files. This means you don’t have to wait to find an Internet connection or any other way to update them. All you need is the Juice Grinder Portable USB port and a portable PC.


Import.CSV or.XLS files from Juice Grinder Portable

Open the desired file on Juice Grinder Portable.

Make sure the column with a name corresponding to the name of the recipe you want to use is checked.

Turn on “Calculate”.

Make sure the column with the recipe name is checked, and press the “Calculate” button.

You may press Enter to start the calculation or go to Step 3.

Choose the column you need and press Enter.

In the table of results, you will find the exact volume of the ingredients used for this recipe.


Juice Grinder Portable is the perfect e-juice creating app. The application can create custom e-juice recipes for any e-juice flavor, salt or nicotine base substance. It can also save the e-juice recipes to local files and add notes for each recipe. The application is perfect for fast, safe and legal vaping. Download Juice Grinder Portable now and create your perfect e-juice to enjoy!

Price: $24.99, Free

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Juice Grinder Portable (PC)

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System Requirements For Juice Grinder Portable:

Supported Platforms:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Mac OSX 10.5 or later
2 GB or more RAM
Windows: 2 GB or more RAM
Mac OSX: 1 GB or more RAM
Linux: 1 GB or more RAM
Additional Notes:
Don’t use uTorrent. It causes extremely laggy gameplay. Use rTorrent or uTorrent Classic instead.
Don’t use uTorrent or rTorrent if

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