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Dekart Keeper Crack [Win/Mac] [March-2022]

This file encryption software helps you to protect your private data. It lets you automatically protect your files so that no one can access them without your password.

In addition to privacy, Decryptor is a perfect tool for:

1) Software protection – Decryptor can be used to protect your privacy when downloading and installing software.
2) Bank data protection – Decryptor can protect all your confidential financial records as well.
3) Password protection – Decryptor can help you keep your password safe from unauthorized users.
4) Torrent data protection – Decryptor can protect your private files while downloading your favorite shows, films, video games, music and more using BitTorrent system.
5) Firewall and proxy protection – Decryptor allows you to keep your privacy at work or at school. If somebody gets your private IP, they will not be able to use the web while your computer is running. Decryptor does not reduce speed of your connection, but allows you to choose one or more proxies.
6) Network traffic encryption – Decryptor can encrypt your network traffic so that no one gets to peek.
7) P2P system traffic encryption – Decryptor can encrypt your P2P (e.g. Ares, Shareaza, BT and others) traffic so that no one can see what you are doing and you do not have to worry about being monitored and traced.
8) Preventing spyware and other malicious software from accessing your computer.
9) Network access control – Decryptor prevents any other users from sharing and accessing your data, or places where you are not allowed to access. For example, your company may have restricted access policy.
10) Password protection for USB devices – Decryptor can help you protect your confidential information using USB flash drives. If somebody accesses it without your permission, the data in the drive will be encrypted and you will not be able to read it.
11) Secure file deletion – Decryptor can instantly delete all encrypted files and folders so that you can be sure that they have been completely erased and that the data cannot be recovered.Q:

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Dekart Keeper Crack + With Key Free Download

* Create strong passwords and store them in one of your documents.
* Enforce password policies – set a policy of minimum password strength and block weak passwords from your users.
* Protect your documents and folders from modification.
* Encrypt and decryp files to protect them from unauthorized access.
* Control access to your documents, folders and secret text files.
* Decrypt your files and folders with the password you just created.
* Lock files to keep them private and protect them from hackers.
* Protect sensitive data in any format like a PDF, DOC, PowerPoint, RTF or by emulating a USB or pen drive.
* Create strong passwords for your computers and devices to stop unauthorised access.
* Access your encrypted information from anywhere and anytime.
* Create the most secure file containers with the following modes:
* Zip / Unzip / Password / Encrypted
* Open File + Encryption
* Password Only

Due to its easy-to-use interface, this tool works directly with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. You simply choose the types of files you wish to protect and click the Encrypt or Decrypt button. To view the contents of a file, you simply double-click the encrypted file. Once a file is encrypted, you can set a password to prevent others from opening and viewing the document. The Encrypt files feature can be turned off and on from the Settings tool.

Download Dekart Keeper and take care of your private information by protecting all your work files with the lastest powerful secret software.Autoimmune retinopathy associated with corticosteroid therapy.
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Dekart Keeper Crack

Protect your personal files and data from any potential loss of damage. With Full Encryption option, you can even protect files that are not in Office applications like images, music, movies, etc. All your personal files will be safely locked and can only be viewed when you are at your PC.
This program is designed with user-friendliness in mind to assist you to encrypt and decrypt files quickly and easily. It comes with a simple and intuitive dialog box that allows you to easily select files and folders and encrypt/decrypt them using its basic, advanced and expert options. Files/folders that are protected can only be opened by typing the right password.
File Protection:
– Allows you to protect individual files and folders of your desktop.
– You can select files and folders to encrypt by simply drag-n-dropping them into the selected directory on the main window.
– Each file and folder is protected by its own unique password. Only people knowing this password can open the encrypted file/folder.
– Encryption of selected files is instant. No need to wait for the encryption process to end.
– You can have only one instance of encrypted files on your computer. After this, any further attempts to open encrypted files will result in the message, “Cannot be opened because it is already opened by an other user”
– Encryption of system files including the system registry is also supported.
Password Protection:
– Allow you to protect selected folders with a password.
– When locked with a password, this folder is not accessible to any other users. Only people who know the password can access the protected folder.
– The encrypted folder can contain both files and folders.
– Password protection supports UNC path for encrypted files and folders.
– Files/folders cannot be deleted/un-mounted from the protected folder.
– Files/folders cannot be moved to the protected folder.
– Only those files and folders which are encrypted can be edited in a protected folder.
– The protected folder is displayed using the Windows standard list view.
– You can easily extract the encrypted files and folders without being required to open the Folder Properties window.
– You can specify the password of the protected folder as brief or as detailed as you want.
– Password of protected folder can be changed at any time.
– You can also set the options to password protect the File/Folder when the folder is created.
Advanced Functions:
– Support encryption/decryption of documents, images

What’s New In?

Dekart Keeper is a free powerful and effective data encryption software for both users who are new to data encryption and experienced encryption users. Using a combination of strong cryptographic techniques and powerful algorithms Dekart Keeper will turn any ordinary PC into a safe-keeping device for your private and sensitive information. You can create an unlimited number of zones and protect them with a variety of encryption modes. Files, directories and data can be protected by shared or private pass words that can be easily managed from the main interface. Dekart Keeper is a fast and user-friendly encryption software for both novice and professional users.
The following features will help you to keep your information private and safe:

– One-click encryption and decryption

– Encrypt and Decrypt files and folders by hot keys

– Protect your files, directories and data from unauthorized access

– Customizable password and separate keys for data access

– Encrypt and Decrypt ZIP, RAR and 7z archives

– Encrypt or decrypt text files

– Protect or unlock password-protected zip and rar archives.

– Decrypt and recover data with just a few simple mouse clicks

– Use the same encrypted AES 256-bit files on both Windows and Linux systems

– Compatible with Windows 2000 and higher, as well as Linux systems

– User-friendly interface

– Free

– Support for files, folders and URLs

– High speed and reliability

– Work with standard and extended ASCII text files and Unicode files

– Encrypt or decrypt files in password protected ZIP and RAR archives

– Adjustable threshold CPU usage

– Support for the 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems

– Works with all types of Windows files

– Encrypt or decrypt ZIP or RAR archives with password protection

– Built-in digital certificate support

– Password, key file and file encryption

– A string of the file contents as a password

– Customize file, folder and digital certificate passwords

– Searchable and indexed password database

– Key-only encryption

– Multiple passwords for each file

– Full-version and Lite versions of the software

– Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems

Dekart Keeper Installation Instruction:

You need to follow some simple steps to install this free file encryption software on your computer. If you want you can click on the below

System Requirements For Dekart Keeper:

Minimum System Specifications:
OS: Windows 7 (32-bit) or later
Processor: Intel Core i5 1.8GHz
Memory: 6GB RAM
Storage: Free Space: 50GB
Recommended System Specifications:
Processor: Intel Core i5 3.2GHz
Memory: 8GB RAM
Storage: Free Space: 75GB
Recommended For Linux Users:
OS: Debian 9
Processor: Intel Core i

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